Technical support for your office to combat today’s challenges

As a small business owner, you most likely do not have time to set up and support complicated I.T. systems. You need to focus on running and growing your business. Working with the experienced and knowledgeable information technology engineers from CITIG allows you to do exactly that. Even if you have an I.T. Department, there might be projects beyond your team’s technical know-how. CITIG consultants have the expertise to advise you on a broad range of technology solutions. There is no need to suffer delays in order to bring an existing employee up to speed, or to go through a lengthy new hire process, just to get the right resource in place. CITIG delivers outstanding results on all of your technology projects, regardless of size.

Network Design and Setup

As your business expands, your technology needs become more complex. Protecting your company data, even as more employees access it, is critical. There are challenges that have to be addressed, including what hardware and software components best suit your business needs and fit within your budget constraints. CITIG can design, implement, support and monitor your network so that your data stays secure and available when you need it most.

Dedicated I.T. Support That Resolves Any Issue

The technological dilemmas facing a small business on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Everything from small problems like a printer jamming to new software rollouts can take up valuable time, especially for companies that don’t have an I.T. Department or expert on staff. CITIG provides expert support in the following areas:

  • New office setup – including data center setup, cabling for multiple workstations, and software integration
  • Server migration
  • Backup systems and data recovery
  • Training and documentation
  • 24/7 I.T. support
  • Training and documentation
  • Preventative maintenance and system monitoring
  • Software deployment and hardware refresh