Residential I.T. Support

The technology running your home can be as complicated as that which is running your business. Busy executives, parents and children don’t have the time or the expertise to configure all of their residential I.T. systems so that they work seamlessly together. In addition, you have to worry about issues that could occur while you and your family are traveling on vacation or for business, such as sudden power outages, equipment failure or network security threats. CITIG can install the right systems for your home or optimize existing solutions to best suit your needs. We can even monitor your home technology while you are away for that extra peace of mind.

Wireless Network Setup

A well configured wireless network is a crucial system in today’s modern home. However, many of us fail to consider the amount of coverage we need or plan for future growth when we initially install our network. As we add more wireless devices, we can be frustrated by slow network performance because the system isn’t able to handle the additional workload, and because walls and multiple-stories were not taken into account when setting up access points. Whether you have an existing wireless environment in place, or would like to set up a new one, CITIG can help determine the best configuration for lightning fast connections and the best all-around coverage for your household.

Virus Removal and Data Backup

The increasing sophistication of computer viruses presents an ever growing danger to our home technology. Even with a good antivirus program running on your computer, it isn’t always possible to monitor where family members go on the web or prevent infected emails from being opened.

Oftentimes, we don’t even realize our computer has a virus until it begins to run slower . . . and slower . . . and slower. Eventually, the virus completely takes over our computer so that we can’t open our favorite programs or, in extreme cases, even access our desktops.

A CITIG engineer can come to your home and perform a complete system diagnostic. Their comprehensive knowledge allows them to diagnose problems and provide you with options so you can make an informed decision and get your computer back up and running. CITIG can also install a data backup system to protect your data and make sure that it can be completely restored at any point. Treasured family photos, important legal and financial documents, and personal files are kept safe and secure. Call or email CITIG today to schedule a free consultation to learn more.