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Channel Islands Technology Integrators’ Group (CITIG) is an I.T. consulting firm serving the Southern California region, with clients from San Luis Obispo to Orange County, for over 10 years. Our engineers have in-depth knowledge on a broad range of technology options that can power your business and your home, both now and in the future. We focus on staying ahead of changes in the technology industry so you don’t have to. Our customers know us as more than an I.T. consulting and I.T. services company. We build long-term relationships on a foundation of trust. Our customized solutions come with no hidden fees, pricey add-ons or deceptive fine print. Learn more today by contacting CITIG for a free consultation.

Technology Consulting
Combined with Bold Ideas

It’s an exciting time in technology right now. We use a myriad of devices every day in our personal and professional lives. We might read the newspaper on our tablet in the morning, check our email on our phone while taking the bus to work, create reports and presentations on a PC at work, send a text to our thermostat back at home to adjust the temperature, and go for a run on our lunch break armed with an iPod that tracks our heart rate and mileage. Our data is sent, stored and accessed over a complicated array of devices and networks that we need access to at any time.

With so many choices, how do you know if you are using the best technology solutions for your business and your home? Are you concerned with network security? Is your data being backed up on a regular basis? Do you have a data recovery plan in place? How do you protect your company or family from making expensive investments in hardware and software solutions that might be obsolete after a few months? I.T. departments are becoming more and more strained as the range of integrated technological services continues to expand faster than the staff can manage.